Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 1.jpg
Name: Stairs
Date: December 2008
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Chapter 4 is one of the Chapters in The Beginner's Guide.

List of game ideas[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of postulated game ideas that are seen throughout the chapter:

  • A game of only motivational posters, played one after the other while the player cannot move.
  • A game of only posters and concept art showing what the game is intended to be.
  • A game where you collect items, except the game automatically quits when you collect them all.
  • A key in one game unlocks a door in a completely separate game.
  • A normal game where you have to scream into a mic every 15 seconds to keep playing.
  • A series of lavish manuals come with the game giving you incorrect instructions on how to play.
  • A stranger appears.
  • Game filled with chairs, except one chair is floating.
  • Live on a boat taking orders from the captain. The captain is always wrong.
  • Play as a pair of floating eyes emitting footstep noises.
  • Stand on an X staring at a bear for 3 hours.
  • The game is nothing but giant blocks of text explaining what's happening.
  • You are a gate.
  • Play as the camera filming an advertisement, walking around a set filming whatever you like
  • Press U to surrender
  • A button you press to stop the chaos, that doesn't work
  • Sharks are trying to eat you, simultaneously you are trying to eat the sharks
  • Read an enemy's emails to learn how to beat them
  • You are the queen, dusting your jewelery [sic] while your kingdom is destroyed.
  • You must adress [sic] and rally a group of eager press reporters
  • You construct a wall, the wall is destroyed, you are given a medal.
  • You play as a loud bodiless sound walking around confusing people.
  • You run a shop inside your body, selling your organs strategically to make the most money before you die.
  • You start in a small room, until you realize you can just walk through the walls.
  • You walk around talking people down from pursuing their hopes or dreams.

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